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Feed Extruder Solutions

Ainuok feed extruder machine factory will provide you all kinds of animal&pet feed extruder solutions for fishes, dogs, cats, pets and shrimps.

Me Baleta na ika

Fish feed extruder machine can be used to produce various types of fish feed pellets. It is a very efficient machine and can produce pellets at high speed.

Me Baleti Ira na Koli

Dog food extruder machine is widely used in pet food industry to produce various types of pet food, such as wet foods, dry foods and so on

Me Baleta na Pusi

A cat food making machine is a great way for cats to get the nutrients they need and to have something to eat. It is great for cat owners to save money.

Me Baleta na Manumanu

Pet food extruder machines play an important role in the pet food industry. They can produce various types of pet food, such as kibble, pellets, and frankenfoods.

Food Extruder Solutions

Ainuok food extruder manufacturer will provide you all kinds of food extruder solutions, for example, cereal bar, corn flakes, fortified rice, chocolate bar, cheetos, bafalo sila, instant noodles, soya meat, kurkure chips, macaroni, tortilla chips

iTikotiko ni Sila

Cereal bar extruder machine is used to produce the desired shape and size of the cereal bar, quickly and easily.


Cheetos extruder machine can be used to create different flavors of Cheetos including barbecue, cheesy, chili etc.

iTikotiko ni jokeliti

Chocolate bar making machine is perfect for the chocolate lover who wants to make chocolate bars.

Tiki ni sila

A corn chips making machine can customize snacks. It will grind the corn, and press it into the shape of chips.

Corn Flakes

Corn flakes making machine is simple and easy to use. It can be used in factoriesto produce lots of corn flakes.

Raisi Vakatabui

Fortified rice machine would take regular white rice and add vitamins, minerals, etc for a healthy diet.

Noodle Totolo

Instant noodles production line could produce different flavors, ibulibuli, and sizes of noodles quickly and efficiently.

Kurkure bafalo

Kurkure Making Machine can produce kurkure in just minutes, making it an easy snack to make and store.


Macaroni making machine is easy to use and can create Macaroni, Pasta and Spaghetti in minutes.

Modified Starch

A modified starch extruder machine is used to produce a variety of starches, gums, and other cellulosic materials.

Lewe ni Soya

Soy meat extruder is used to produce soy-based meat products, such as frankfurters, hot dogs, and sausages.

Tortilla bafalo

Tortilla chips making machine makes tortilla chips quickly&easily, eliminating the need for a lot of manual labor.

Ainuok, Dua na iVakanikau Liu &Kakana Extruder manufacturer

Tauyavutaki ena 2010, Anyang Ainuok misini ni misini co., Ltd is specialized in the research, vakatorocaketaki, production, and sales of feed extruder machines and food extruder machines for more than 10 veiyabaki.

Sa tu vei keda na veivakadeitaki vinaka ni ISO9001, SGS, CE, kei na so tale. The machine’s color, itawake, droini, pakete, mark ni carton, manual, etc can be customized!

Ena kena rawati na 5000 ivakarau ena dua na vula, NA AINUOK e kakana levu duadua&buliyaya ni sova ni kakana e Jaina.

Vakani&era sa vakau yani ki Igiladi na dauveiqaravi ni kakana, Rusia, Suwiteni, Poladi, Romania, Maleya, Idonisia, Vietnam, kei na so tale 120 veimatanitu kei na tikina.

Warmly welcome clients at home and abroad to visit the Ainuok factory.

Na Cava na Vuna e Cakacaka Kina Kei Keda


11,000 square meters plant for feed&food extruders with more than 130 tamata cakacaka


30+ idinia kei 20+ years feed&food extruder manufacturing experience


Vakacurumi ena duidui ni iyaya ni veleti, rawa-ka, vale, cakacaka kei na so tale


AinuokGroup Produce thousands of feed&food extruders each year


10 veika e sotavi ena vakau ilavo ena veiyabaki, kila vinaka na iwalewale ni kena vakau yani kei na veimataqali ivolatukutuku


ivolatukutuku, vidio, veidusimaki ni kena vakacurumi na icuruvi ni iyaya ena initaneti me baleti iko


feed&food extruders had been sold to 85 veimatanitu. Kidavaki mo kerea e dua na dauvolivolitaki ena noda vanua


1 warranty ni yabaki sega ni saumi, tokona na vakasoutaki ni iyaya, 7*24 veivakasalataki ni veiqaravi ena initaneti

Worldwide Extruder Projects

There is an increasing need for food extruders all over the world.

The reasons for this are many, but chief among them is that people are becoming increasingly health-conscious and want to eat more natural foods.

Food extruders can help to make these foods more readily available. 

Another reason for the increase in food extrusion projects is that the technology has become much more affordable in recent years.

This makes it possible for smaller businesses to start producing their own food products, rather than relying on outside sources.

iVakadinadina ni Dauvolivoli

I have had my feed extruder machine for about a year now and I absolutely love it!

The feed extruder machine is amazing!The quality of the output is top notch and it is so easy to use.

It is so easy to use and produces the perfect amount of feed every time.

I would definitely recommend Ainuok feed extruder factory to anyone looking for an easy way to extrude their feed.
Connie Namajji
Connie Namajji
This food extruder machine is amazing!

They are a must-have in any kitchen.

It makes the perfect dough for pizza, pastries, and other foods.

The machine is easy to use and produces consistent snacks.

I would highly recommend Ainuok food extruder manufacturer to anyone looking for a quality food extruder.
I've had my food extruder machine for about a year now and I absolutely love it!

I was able to make all sorts of different shapes and sizes of food.

It's so easy to use and it makes the process of making my own food so much easier.

I would definitely recommend Ainuok food extruder manufacturer to anyone looking for an easy way to get their healthy, delicious food.
Anjelous Lagu

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Veitaratara oqo mo rawata kina 2023 ivola, isau kei na dua na vakalailaitaki isau levu!

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